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Ahnu Ahnufree shipping

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The name Ahnu is derived from Celtic mythology, from the goddess of balance and well-being. The deity could accurately be described as an ancient version of “Mother Earth.” This choice of a namesake is both deliberate and appropriate, as Ahnu’s social and environmental commitment is incorporated in the foundation of every product that has been created and every business decision that has been made.

From the gold standard of factory certification (the footwear is manufactured in one of only 31 footwear factories in the world with SA8000 accreditation), to the use of certified post-consumer recycled fibers in the catalogs and packaging, Ahnu’s commitment is integrated through all areas of the brand.

The product goal is to achieve uncompromising performance by blending a modern aesthetic with the style, structure, and substance of the outdoor lifestyle. This goal has been realized through the emphasis on intuitive easy on/off technology and the proprietary QuiteLight™ construction, a system that enables exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and superior comfort.

Life should be balanced, responsible and fun. It’s the spirit that’s been put into each and every product, and the way that people will hopefully live every day.

Well known for its authenticity in the footwear industry, Ahnu offers premier quality products at great low prices in the following categories:
Men's · Women's ·
Customer Reviews:
Ahnu Benecia
Not all I dreamed - Really cute but not the comfort I assumed. BAD blisters in the first hour of wearing and even wearing them over really didn't seem to help.


Ahnu Lodi
Excellent for Orthodics - These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever had with my orthotic devices. Also the fabric on these shoes breathes much more than any shoe I've had in the past. The only drawback is I would prefer the standard lacing system.


Ahnu Tamalpais II
I love these!I have plantar fasciitis and wear a small, 1/2 thin sandal orthotic. Usually style is pretty important to me, but I needed something new for my 5 day trip to Disney World. I was looking to get something as meshy and airy as possible. Since I don't really like seeing the orthotics in sandals, plus, I was still looking for the support of a sneaker, I tried these, as well as the Salomon Techamphibian, Salomon Karmas, and Rockport Ariellas. These were BY FAR the best. I go to Disney a lot, but these were the best shoes ever. They look cute (they make my feet look small), they are different (I didn't see anyone else with them), they were fine to wear without socks right from the start with no rubbing (a miracle, because I am very sensitive), they have nice room in the toe and very good support. Both of the Salomon shoes were WAY too scratchy and rough inside, and the Rockports had barely any support, and a narrow toe. The ONLY thing I would have liked to change in these is to make them even meshier, the mesh was kind of thick, and I would have liked a little more air flow. Since I never write reviews though, I feel so strongly about how good these are, I had to write!


Ahnu Tamalpais II
Very cool shoes - I've received more compliments on these shoes than on any other I've ever owned (...and I am a "shoe chick"). I do agree with other reviewers that the back ankle tab is a little high but it doesn't get in my way. I have small feet, thin legs and on me these shoes look a little bulkier than others I had tried. Over all it's very comfortable, airy and stylish.


Ahnu Tamalpais II
Great trail, hiking, walking shoe - I like this shoe. I have narrow feet so they are a bit wide, but I can tighten the strap up enough to have a snug fit. I don't like regular looking tennis shoes - too much white and reflective material. I like the earthier look to the shoe. Love the black ones, but they didn't have my size. The traction is superb. They are great shoes for normal feet - just a bit too wide for my feet. I like that they have them in 10.5 - that's unusual for me to find.


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