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Diba Dibafree shipping

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Diba shoes are represented globally as a fashion-forward shoe company. With over 38 years of experience behind the company, Diba is commited to producing quality shoes for fashion sensitive women. The continuous flow of hot new looks & styles keep quality high and fashion right.

Well known for its authenticity in the footwear industry, Diba offers premier quality products at great low prices in the following categories:
Women's ·
Customer Reviews:
Diba 100249 Salma
A very honest review :)Very cute boot for the cold winter months. However, the ankle portion of the boot a tad smaller than the picture depicts, but I'm not sure if this is because I have small ankles and big calves. That was my only reservation about the boot was the size difference between the ankle part and the calve region, otherwise the make and feel of the boot were great. A bit narrow on my feet at first, but after wearing for an hour felt much better. The boot is definitely well made.Also Zappos is a wonderful company to order from, delivery time was fast, and the customer service team are extremely polite and helpful, will def. order from here again!

by Desiree from Southeast Michigan

Diba 100249 Salma
Great Boot - I love these Boots...they are comfortable and stylish. It is true to size but too bad they do not have 81/2M so I had to get an 8 which fit fine but I can not wear thick socks. Overall it is a great pair of boots and I would recommend it to anyone.h

by Anonymous from Boston

Diba 100451 Lizzie
Very beautiful and well made boot. I have a wide foot and found that the boot was just a little snug- but I figure they will get broken in and will fit better. Otherwise no complaints.

by Lynn from North Carolina

Diba 300133 Cherrie
Loved them but not on me.I am about to return them..I love the style..but the toe comes out a bit too far..almost elf like. I'm short, so it looks funny on me. Back to zappos they go!

by Jennifer from Austin, Texas

Diba 693 Portia
You almost got it right! I have to say I was little disappointed in the pair of boots received. I thought I was going to get a pair of rich dark brown boots with a black sole as pictured on this site. Instead, I received a pair of boots of a light shade of brown with a brown sole. Because I liked the style of these boots, I ended up having to put a darker polish on them to simulate the color listed the site. I purchased these boots as an exchange for a pair of boots I had to return with similar problems( read my review on the brown pair of Diba's 100418 Catrina's) I strongly suggest you reduce the price of this boot if the pairs you have in stock look like the pair I've received.

by Michelle from Atlanta, GA.

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