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Magnum Magnumfree shipping

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For over 15 years, Magnum, a division of Hi-Tec Sports USA, Inc., has been the leader in offering unsurpassed comfort, technology and value in uniform footwear used by law enforcement, military, fire/rescue and emergency medical agencies around the world. The Work Collection offers safety footwear for construction, trade and industrial personnel. Distributed in over 70 countries, Magnum boots are made to stand up to the most demanding situations while offering uncompromising comfort and performance.

Built for the working men and women of this country Magnum boots work as hard as you do. From technical innovations to improve comfort to sturdy durability Magnum has the worker in mind when crafting their boots.

Whether youíre looking for Magnum work boots, Magnum police boots, Magnum security boots, Magnum military boots, or Magnum industrial boots you wonít be disappointed in comfort, quality, or durability.

Well known for its authenticity in the footwear industry, Magnum offers premier quality products at great low prices in the following categories:
Men's · Women's ·
Customer Reviews:
Magnum Duty Lite Gloss II
Great shoe, comfortable right out of the box. I wear them for as long as 10+ hours at a time in the restaurant my feet feel pretty good for the most part. The only drawback is that they are patent leather which does not breathe very well so you feet tend to get a bit sweaty toward the end of a shift. For what they are I would recommend them

Magnum Midnight Plus II Zip Composite Toe 6"
Magnum Midnight shoe - This shoe looks wonderful, it is very uncomfortable though. Even though I tried to break them in slowly, I still got blisters the size of ankles on the inner sides of my ankles.

Magnum Phantom V-Lite 6" Zip
Magnum Phantom V-Lite Zip - The boots are great and I will buy more when I need them. I hope you keep them in stock.

ByBen C

Magnum Phantom V-Lite 8" Zip
Zipper is poorly designed - I owned these boots for four months when the zipper on the right boot split. Two months later, the zipper on the left boot did the same thing. Both zippers came apart in the exact same place leading me to believe it's poorly designed. The boots were comfortable while they lasted, but for the price, they should last longer than 6 months. I'm very disappointed in these boots and will never consider this brand again. I've owned MANY pair of Magnum boots in the past having been in law enforcement for over 20 years. However, I will not consider them in the future when shopping for boots. Buy these at your own risk as you have been warned.

ByRon H

Magnum Precision V-Lite WP Composite Toe
Boot didnít hold up - Itís thought these boots were well made to begin with but I thought the insole was on the thin side so I replaced it with better one. Once I did this these boots worked pretty well for me. After about 4 months use a hole from wear began to appear behind my heel on the inside each boot. As these holes in the boot lining grew they became more and more uncomfortable until the point I had to stop wearing them. I got about 6 months use out of them. The tread was still in good shape. They were a touch big for me and that may have helped them wear out prematurely. I don't think the waterproof leather breathed very well and the extra moisture from that did not do the boot any good either. I will never buy a waterproof leather boot for indoor use again. Had the interior construction been more robust and if the insole was of higher quality these boots would have been pretty good. This was my first purchase from Zappos and I thought they had a great selection and a good website to do business with.


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