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neYm Handbags neYm Handbagsfree shipping

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neYm offers the cosmopolitan woman perfect accessories to add personality to her style. It is a point of departure, her style conceived. Through the combination of trend and contemporary designs with traditional hand embroidery and luxurious fabrics each piece represents chic elegance. All bags are handmade-to-order. The collection is conceptualized to be versatile, dress up or compliment an ensemble.

Well known for its authenticity in the footwear industry, neYm Handbags offers premier quality products at great low prices in the following categories:
Customer Reviews:
Ciao Bimbi Kids Shoes 1072 (Toddler/Youth)
Ciao Bimbi - Bella!!These are the most adorable pair of shoes that we have seen in a long time! They are extremely comfortable for my little girl and she can wear them with either dress up clothes or casual. Great buy!

ByLori D

Ciao Bimbi Kids Shoes 1190.20 (Toddler/Youth)
My daughter found the heel straps to be very painful. They are adorable shoes but not a good fit for her foot.


Ciao Bimbi Kids Shoes 21139.13 (Infant/Toddler)
Fabulous - comfortable, stays on, cute, well made, soft lovely leather...

Ciao Bimbi Kids Shoes Flash 3181 (Youth)
Ciao Bimbi kids boots - These boots are soo adorable. My daughter just got them last week and we have already used them a few times. She has had so many compliments on them. They are fun!!


Cienta Kids Shoes 108-6501 (Infant/Toddler)
Cienta Toddler Shoes - I love these shoes, they are cute, comfortable. My 18 months old wears them at home all day long.


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