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Sebago Classic - Men's Sebago Classic - Men's
McCoy-SB review - I have worn the Sebago classic for many years. Right now have three pair on my shelf. Since I have a hard size (7-A). Three cheers to Sebago for keeping this size available. THANKS!!

by Al M from Phoenix, Arizona
Sebago Park Sebago Park
I love these shoes!They are exactly what I wanted - I've been searching for ages.

by Ejmuller from Long Island, NY
Sebago Classic - Men's Sebago Classic - Men's
Big Dave’s comments- Shoes arrived when promised and were as expected. Fit is excellent. Hard to find C width shoes except through the internet.

by Anonymous from Mississippi
Sebago Schoodic Sebago Schoodic
Sebago Schoodic review - The shoe loos very nice but the fit is tight and uncomfortable. I'm still trying to break them in after several all day uses. A deck shoe shouldn't be this type of fit.

by Barry from Smyrna, Delaware
Sebago Classic - Men's Sebago Classic - Men's
Sebago Classic- Men's.Superb shoe in all respects. I have worn Bass for years, but within the past two years their quality did not seem to be as good as in the past. For all of you who liked the original Bass Weejun, this shoe fits and feels even better.

by Mike W from Kentucky
Sebago Nassau Sebago Nassau
Have all colors in this style- What a comfortable shoe- with arch support, critical for me. Have duplicates and all colors- live in them! This is the BEST site for them.

by Barbara from Florida
Sebago Classic - Men's Sebago Classic - Men's
Sebago's Classic- This is a great shoe and exactly what I had been looking for. It is impossible to find a quality loafer in department stores anymore, but Zappos has everything- most in stock and shipped it quickly with no hassle.

by Egs from Columbia, TN
Sebago Park Sebago Park
Sebago Park- I love this shoe! I took an extra pair of shoes the first time I wore them just in case they started to hurt my feet. (You know how new shoes can be sometimes.) Well needless to say I never had to use the old pair of shoes as this shoe was very comfortable the whole day!

by Anonymous from Fulshear, Texas
Sebago Schoodic Sebago Schoodic
Schoodic - From reading other reviews, I thought that there would have been more padding in the sole. I like them and they broke in quickly. About the same as my Sperrys. Though they had the sole crack at the horizontal seams.

by Brian from evansville, in
Sebago Park Sebago Park
Well-made shoe- I have a narrow foot and usually require a AA width. As an experiment, I tried the A width Sebago shoe in hopes of a good fit, but it was loose. Regrettably, I must return the shoes. Finding the perfect fit is a constant challenge.

by Anonymous from Buffalo, NY
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