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Laredo PA6671 Laredo PA6671
Very Satisfied - I have been looking for a zip-up boot for a while. I found this pair at Zappos. They look and feel good. The ordering, shipping, payment and customer support have all been outstanding. I will recommend this boot and this company to my friends.

ByDale D
Laredo 28-2464 Laredo 28-2464
Laredo 28-2464 Two-Tone with Heel and Toe Rands - My first pair of western boots since the age of four - - why did I wait so long? I broke these in over this recent snowy New England winter and they've held up extremely well. They are very comfortable and fit true to size. The initial stiffness was somewhat foreboding. But after just a few days it seemed to have melted away. I get endless complements on the looks, even at work, which leans toward more conforming business casual attire. The Laredo is at the lower end of the price range for western boots. I can't imagine what could be a better buy.

Laredo 5740 Laredo 5740
Long lasting comfort - I've owned a pair of black Laredo boots for almost 3 years and they are still in good shape. The one suggestion I have for kids/teens who are purchasing these while their feet are still growing (like mine) is to buy them a whole size to a size 1/2 bigger, then wear thick socks for the first year or so while they're still a bit roomy. After the first year you may realize that you don't have to double up on socks anymore, but you'll know that you got your money's worth out of these top of the line shoes.

BySarah M
Laredo PA6670 Laredo PA6670
Dress Boots - The shoe has a classic look that is eye appealing. The materials used to make the shoe are of average grade. It fits reasonably well and the comfort level wearing the shoe is some what less then average. For some one that like a semi-western look that wants a lower priced shoe this shoe fits the bill.

ByRicky D
Laredo 550 Laredo 550
Beautifully made boots - I'd recommend these ultra-soft boots to anyone looking for an alternative to Ariat's narrow styles. The leather is butter-soft and they're really more of a dress boot. I returned mine only because I have a very high instep and these boots have a lateral seam under the fringe that hit my foot wrong. Otherwise an A++.

ByDraft H
Laredo Laredo Mens Roper Laredo Laredo Mens Roper
A Learning Experience - This was my first purchase from The sales rep was more than helpful and made the experience very pleasant. The product is a very good value. I'm learning that even though I have a small frame, my left foot is a little wide and it requires wider than normal boots. I should have ordered a wider size, which was available. I would have exchanged the boots for a wider pair, but I don't have a carpeted area in my home on which to test footwear. By the time I realized the one boot was too narrow, it was too late to exchange them. As I break the boots in, they are getting more comfortable, but I wish I had ordered the wider pair. I normally don't wear cowboy boots, but I really do like the looks of the Laredos.
Laredo 4242 Laredo 4242
Very Nice Boots...These are some VERY NICE boots and fit your feet VERY well with ALL DAY comfort! I would have to say that with this being my 1st pair in MANY years, that I would buy them again when the time comes for that!

ByMr N
Laredo 68085 Laredo 68085
Great - Bought them to have some black shoes for work, resented the conformity so I got the gaudiest black boots I could find, but they happen to be very comfortable, and actually pretty stylish. I wear them when Iím not at work. I have a pair of Laredo's that I have owned for 5 years and worn basically every day so hopefully these will be just as durable. My one complaint is the top of the boot rubs against my calf and so now I have four little hairless irritated looking half moons on my legs, they don't hurt but it is kinda lame.

ByNick D
Laredo 28-7923 Mens Roper Laredo 28-7923 Mens Roper
Men's Roper Boots - Just what I wash looking for. The fit is great. The service fantastic. When they arrived the morning after I ordered them, I was stunned.
Laredo 5740 Laredo 5740
Really nice boots for the price.I really like these boots. The heel size is just right and they are very comfortable. They look really good too and are well worth the price. They do run a little big, both in width and length though. I would get a half size smaller if ordering them again. This problem can easily be fixed by putting in foam inner soles or wearing thick sox.

ByPat R
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